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JWalking Blog of the Week

When we first started our JWalking travel blog we didn’t imagine for one moment that there was a whole community of blogs, travel and other, out there. As our blog has developed so has our integration in to the blogging community and it has been a fabulous experience. We have got to know so many wonderful people online and have such dedicated support from bloggers all over the world and try our very best to return that support and more.

So here is our favourite blog this week, most of these will obviously be travel related but not all. It’s just our little way of saying that we’re following and appreciate someones work and want to spread the word about them.

This week’s JWalking Blog of the Week:

Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride – Susie’s ridiculously good stories of her wild life

Blog of the Week - Susie Lindaus Wild RideThe Wild Ride is a fabulous collection of posts from Susie Lindau. She’s living life to the full after a double boobectomy and her inspirational stories and very funny posts make this one of the best blogs you could ever follow. We love the wide range of subjects that Susie covers and the friendly engaging manner in which she writes. One not to miss!

Last weeks ‘Blog of the Week’

Global Housesitter x2 –  Stories of travel and housesitting from Suze and the Squire.

Blog of the Week - Global Housesitter

Previous ‘Blogs of the Week’

Living the Q Life – Pete and Donna’s stories of food, fun and travel around the world.

Adventures of a Jersey Girl – an expat Brit in Kuwait blogging about her life and adventures in the middle east.

Kiwi Footprints – a Kiwi traveller photographing the world.

Kiwi Footprints


  1. Thanks so much guys, I’m so glad that you enjoy my ramblings and have loved our interaction through our blogs. I can definitely see us doing something similar to your travels when we are done with the expat train

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  2. Well, you two that was a pleasant surprise this morning 🙂 Cheers for making us the blog of the week. I too enjoy [the Squire is not a social media user] following your travels and it is good getting to know you through our mutual enjoyment of blogging. Who knows we may even meet up for a coffee one day!! Have a great day.

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