Our Housesitting Dogs of 2019

JWalking Housesitting 2019

Coming towards the end of 2019 we only have one more housesit to do before the end of the year and although it sometimes seems as if we are full-time sitters the figures don’t really bear that out. We will only have done 25 weeks of official housesits by the time we’re toasting in the New Year. Seems more doesn’t it?

By ‘official’ sits I mean ones booked via the TrustedHouseSitters website. We have looked after friends and family houses a few times but that’s a bit different. We often look back on previous sits and of course the pets that we got to care for and this is just a photo memory of the dogs that we have looked after in 2019. There have obviously been cats and ducks and budgies etc but it’s the dogs that take more time and really define our stays.

So with a special mention for our first sit of the year in Northamptonshire, where we looked after the wonderful Molly for a second time. Sadly Molly had a few health issues and was put to sleep recently which was tragically sad for Susan and Tim her owners and of course for us as we’d really got to know and love her over two long stays.

Housesitting - Molly
“Molly the Basset Hound”
Housesitting -
“Ronnie the Chocolate Labrador”
Housesitting -
“Wispa and Bloomer the Terriers”
Housesitting - Saffy Tasha
“Saffy and Tasha the Whippets”
Housesitting - Kermit
“Kermit the Greyhound”
Housesitting - Baloo
“Baloo the Cocker Spaniel”
Housesitting - Mowgli
“Mowgli the Terrier”
Housesitting - Kyie
“Kyie the Border Collie and Husky cross”
Housesitting - Maggie
“Maggie and Mowgli the Cocker Spaniels”
Housesitting - Ruby
“Ruby the Labrador”
Housesitting - Clo
“Clo the Cocker Spaniel”
Housesitting - Indie
“Indie the Jack Russell”

So fifteen lovable pooches so far this year with just one to go. All with unique personalities and differing likes and dislikes. We truly couldn’t say which was our favourite (we probably wouldn’t tell if we could) and although some were more work than others they were all a delight to care for.

With only a couple of housesits booked for next year so far who knows what lovely dogs we are yet to meet?

Housesitting - Cat
“It’s not just dogs you know ………”

Do you have a favourite?

01/01 – 01/12/2019


  1. I do like Ruby’s elegantly crossed paws! Poor old Molly. We had a basset hound in the 70s called Mandy. Now all we need is one called Milly to make up the set. And if you don’t know why I said that, Milly Molly Mandy is a children’s book by Joyce Brisley! Dated even when I was a child, but I still enjoyed it.

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  2. I’d like to be a bigger fan of dogs but they don’t get on very well with me. Doubt I could ever do Housesitting. I’d like to see you two with a Leonberger. That would be fun!

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  3. What a great way to look back over the year. As a dog owner and lover, I loved this!! What a lovely collection of these beautiful animals. Poor Molly, it’s so sad for her owners and people who knew her like yourself. They are all gorgeous, I like the look of Ronnie and Ruby. Hope 2020 is as much fun for you as this year.

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    • Thanks Liz. They were all pretty special in different ways, we could never pick a favourite. Starting to book things up for next year now and it’s looking good so far.


  4. Yay, a pupper round-up! I’m quite partial to labs, but I think if got a dog, it would probably have to be a smaller one to fit in order to fit in my smallish house without knocking everything over with enthusiastic tail wags! A scruffy terrier type would be my preference, so I think Indie or Mowgli would be just perfect!

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  5. So instead of counting countries you are counting dogs and aren’t they all wonderful. I’m sure you will be counting more next year. I like the idea of the dog calendar but then do people still use hard copy calendars? The memories and the fun you have had with each are the things that sustain. Keep up the good work…. the dogs are lucky to have you.

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    • Not sure if people still buy hard-copied calendars, don’t seem to see them very much anymore do you? We’re still enjoying our dog-caring and hopefully next year will bring even more lovely places and pets.

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  6. My favourite is the cat, of course. 😉
    I am currently taking care of two cats in Ukraine.
    I felt very lucky to get that house sit because, as you have probably noticed yourselves, there are not many offers from Eastern Europe.

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      • This was the eastern-most I have ever seen. And a few times, there were some in Prague, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw, Krakow and several in Bulgaria. But they are very rare indeed.
        It seems to me that here, people simply ask their neighbors. All the jobs posted are by foreigners living here who don’t have a network of family/friends.

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    • Seems like such a long time ago now, particularly in the current lockdown situation. Hopefully we’ll be back housesitting for more gorgeous little dogs very soon though.


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